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CYBRARIAN® AirPrinter™ Wi-Fi printing

AirPrinter™ Wi-Fi Printing for Patron Mobile Devices

AirPrinter™ Wi-Fi Print is a software solution that enables your patrons to print directly from the comfort of their computer, tablet, Smartphone, iPad, Blackberry or Android device to your library printers.

Technology Advantage

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Our award-winning driverless print software provides Wi-Fi users the ability to print directly from their device and pay at your library.

Patron Convenient and Easy

  • Patron opens their browser,
  • Patron clicks link to library patron printing portal,
  • Patron selects Color or B/W
  • Patron agrees to price,
  • Patron document prints.

Printing services for patrons is a rapidly growing amenity as libraries respond to the increasing demand from patrons to provide convenient access to personal devices while at the library.

AirPrinter™ software can help you reduce paper and ink costs and increase revenue while providing patron printing services at your library.

Wi-Fi Authentication Options

Wi-Fi Patron Authentication option works on your existing Wi-Fi network in real-time . And whether you select the HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW security option, all the essential patron features are operational, including:

  • Setup for session time limits
  • Settings for days and hours of operation.

HIGH SECURITY enables full Patron Authentication using your criteria policies before allowing access to your Wi-Fi network.

MEDIUM SECURITY enables the Guest Pass Barcode Login option.

LOW SECURITY enables the Anonymous Barcode Login.

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